About myself

About myself
Anastasia K. studies the suggestibility of a person through her paintings. Why are we all so similar to our family, and what drives us to make our own choices? She looks into  these universal questions through the lens of her own experience.

Through the Circle of Life series, she showed what comes from family. Sometimes it just seems to be a continuation of each other's lives. Now she embarks on an experiment and goes back to her childhood with the question: but what is mine then?
From a drawing by my son  I decided to experiment, to break my own rules. My children start drawing and I start looking for how I came to be. Through the hole in the first painting you see me as a child, holding myself as a rabbit. I drew that rabbit all my childhood, with matching dresses to dress it up. My parents didn't keep them. I wonder why I paint.
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About myself III
Oil, acryl, paper on canvas,
205x220 cm
Through the hole I reunite with myself. I as a child am holding myself as an adult with a rabbit body. These fluffy creatures are to my knowledge my first introduction to art creation.

So in an early childhood with total freedom, an army of these rodents took over in my drawings. They reside only in my memories now, because my parents didn't keep any of them. As I wonder why I paint I conclude that at the very least it started with rabbits.
About myself II
Oil, marker on canvas,
218x195 cm
Crazy woman with four eyes my son Georgii titled his drawing, as if that could just happen. It made me think about how this all started. It became a hatch to my childhood and a search for the origins of my vocation as an artist. In it, I try to recreate my childhood, my emotions and thoughts of that time.

Through the hole I make in the crazy woman, I come back to my inner child and hope to find the freedom to reacquaint myself.
About myself I
Oil, marker on canvas,
175x219 cm