Artworks from other series created recently
You can see there most notable latest artworks that have not been a part of new series. Every artwork has its story. I would be happy if you looked at all of them. If you are interested in the artworks, feel free to contact me or share your feedback.
In this painting I am a part of the landscape, I merge with my surroundings and am part of a mass, a forest. Yet I stand out because of my position and indicate with my hands that I am beginning to speak.I made this painting after an education in which my opinion did not matter. I celebrate rediscovering my identity and voice. It marks the start of a new series of works in which my experience is central.
Self-portrait in a forest
Oil on canvas, 160x130 cm
Everything you think and do is influenced by your parents. Whoever it is and no matter how old they are, parents have the most power. They shape our lives and our perspective on it. We always carry a part of them with us, like the mother's hand and shadow in this painting.My daughter Lilly was only six months old and sat at the table with us. Lilly felt big and grown up, perhaps it was an important step in her existence. For us, the parents, it was an ordinary day.
Oil on canvas, 60x60 cm